Marius Mitrofan

Mediana Vlad
November 6, 2017
Ligia Dună
November 6, 2017

He was admitted in 1998 to the Faculty of Interpretation – Singing Department, within the National University of Music of Bucharest, to the class of university professor Iulian Băiașu, a faculty he graduated in 2003 to the class of university PhD professor Eleonora Enachescu.

He made his debut on the stage of the Operetta and Musical Theatre “Ion Dacian” in 2003, with the role of Feri in the operetta “Silvia” by E. Kalmann, taking the graduation exam of the Faculty of Interpretation on this occasion.

He had previously graduated from the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest.

He then attended the Masterclass – Canto courses at the Cultural Foundation “Pro Arte” Vienna.

On the stage of the Operetta and Musical Theatre “Ion Dacian”, he played the roles: Colonel Homonay from the operetta “The Gypsy Baron”

(J. Strauss), Lieutenant Stone, from the operetta “The Flower of Hawaii” (P. Abraham), Prince Leopold Maria from “Silvia” operetta (E. Kalmann), Ambassador John Cunlight from “Victoria and her hussar” operetta (P. Abraham), Feri from “Silvia” operetta (E. Kalmann), Lieutenant Chasuble from “Mein freund Bunbury” (G. Natschinsky), the poet from the chansonettes show “Paris, mon amour”.