Romania Universalis

Dance Steps in December
December 9, 2021
December 31, 2021

In the Theater’s foyer you will take part to a recital entitled “Romania Universalis”, an original concept proposed by the violinist Diana Jipa and the pianist Ștefan Doniga, who will be joined by Mihai Urzicana and George Vîrban, tenors of the “Ion Dacian” National Operetta and Musical Theater.

The event aims to highlight the richness and diversity of cultural resources in the Romanian historical space, developing a unique idea. It is composed of pieces belonging to Romanian composers of various ethnic origins, from various Romanian geographical and historical regions.

You are going to hear works that span on over more than 130 years of music, so everything becomes particularly representative of what Romanian music means as a whole. Along with musical scores belonging to George Enescu, Gheorghe Dima, Gherase Dendrino, you will be presented creations signed by Béla Bartók, Walter Klepper, Alfonso Castaldi, Theodor Rogalski, Eugen Doga, or Grigoraș Dinicu. Each of these works represents a separate cultural universe, unique and very specific and at the same time particularly important to what the Romanian national culture really mean.