The Bat

Jack Madness and Love
May 24, 2022
Kolodrom – The concert of the KOLO ensemble
October 13, 2023
Jack Madness and Love
May 24, 2022
Kolodrom – The concert of the KOLO ensemble
October 13, 2023


Eisenstein: Alfredo Pascu
Rosalinda: Tina Munteanu
Adela : Daniela Bucșan
Falke: Anton Zidaru
Frank: Orest Pîslariu Ranghilof
Orlofsky: Raluca Ciocă
Alfred: Daniela Madia
Blind: Cristian Caraman
Frosch: Valentino Tiron
Ida: Cristina Popa
Ivan: Septimiu Urzică

Eisenstein: Alfredo Pascu
Rosalinda: Doina Scripcaru
Adela : Gabriela Daha
Falke: Anton Zidaru
Frank: Stefan Popov
Orlofsky: Cristina Trandafir
Alfred: George Vîrban
Blind: Mihăiță Radu
Frosch: Valentino Tiron
Ida: Letiția Vlădescu
Ivan: Septimiu Urzică


Ileana Lenghel | Corina Plopeanu | Monica Marin | Carmen Anghel Aurelia Tudor | Carmen Angheloiu | Cristina Georgescu | Miruna Dascălu  Alexandra Moroiu | Adina Voicu
Ioana Băiașiu | Meri Ferariu | Irina Onea | Ana-Maria Racu |  Ana Maria Moldoveanu | Gabriela Popescu | Cristina Cojocaru | Georgeta Grigore  Andreea Teodorescu
Răzvan Rusu | George Matei | Marius Meragiu | Bogdan Pelearcă
Victor Bunea | Alin Țintea | Dumitru Filip
Alexandru Onea | Arnold Mack|Alois Doboș| Alexandru Vasile
Bogdan Ardeleanu | Andrei Predescu



Luminița Florescu – Ștefan Băloi
Alexandra Borîia – Marius Merdicos
Andreea Bârzescu – Vlad Țențu

Little mice

Eugenia Stoian – Ștefan Băloi
Andreea Bârzescu – Vlad Țențu
Sabina Ioniță – Marius Merdicos


Maria Rogojan | Marina Stanciu | Sabina Ioniță|Camelia Ghiță
Evita Gurtovaia | Elena Dumitru | Melis Ramazan | Bianca Flueraș | Alexandra Borîia
Luminița Florescu | Marian Chirazi  | Daniel Teodorescu | Albertino Neagu | Andrei Ciobanu

Performance Details

Libretto: Karl Haffner, Richard Genée
after the vaudeville “Le Revéillon” by Henri Melhac and Ludovic Halévy

Stage coordination and text adaptation: Valentino Tiron
Musical direction: Alexandru Ilie / Constantin Grigore
Choreography: Iolanda Petrescu
Scenography: Vladimir Turturica
Choreography assistant: Mircea Crăciun
Choir conductor: Aurel Muraru

“The Bat” is a captivating operetta composed by Johann Strauss- son, with a libretto written by Karl Haffner and Richard Genée. The premiere took place in Vienna on April 5, 1874 and quickly became one of the most loved and represented creations in the genre’s repertoire.

The action takes place in Vienna in the 19th century and follows the story of Gabriel von Eisenstein, a funny and charismatic man who faces various misadventures during a series of parties and confusions. Gabriel has to serve a short sentence in prison for a minor misdeed, but instead of going straight to prison, he agrees to spend his last evening free at a lavish party right on New Year’s Eve at Prince Orlofsky’s residence. During the party, Eisenstein falls in love with a mysterious Hungarian countess, who is actually Rosalinda, his wife, present at the party to test his fidelity.

Another key character of the operetta is Doctor Falke, Eisenstein’s friend, who tries to take revenge for a prank that Eisenstein played on him in the past. Thus, he sets up a series of events together with Prince Orlofsky that bring all the secrets of the characters to light.

All these confusions and hilarious revelations make “The Bat” a comedy full of suspense, humor, charm and delightful music, which continues to bring joy to audiences for over a century. With complex characters, funny themes and memorable music, this operetta remains one of Johann Strauss- the son’s most loved creations and a gem of Viennese musical theatre.