Romania Universalis
December 31, 2021
Liviu Filip
March 6, 2022

It is an unusual electronic music show of popular inspiration. “Dacika” represents a reinterpretation of the Romanian folk genre by adapting it to the rhythms and forms of musical expression and the latest technical production procedures. The effect of this music on the listener is impressive, the audience is being fascinated by the spectacular sound effects, by the unexpected spatiality that the framing of deeply elaborated electronic sounds give to well-known folk themes.

But beyond the greatness of the approach, the sensations that the music made by the composer Mihai Toma creates are those of refinement and good taste, the subtlety of the thematic processing proving a very good knowledge of the style used.

The approached genre is that of monumental electronic music, starting from the processing of Romanian musical themes of a folkloric and cult nature. The orchestrations of the songs range from the use of ritual tribal rhythms and epic percussion, combined with synthetic sounds and ethnic instruments to soothing, ethereal, New Age-inspired sound textures.

Thus, with the help of the whistle, piano, violin, orchestra, choir and synthesizers, Mihai Toma updates the essence of popular musical expression, integrating it with the cultural needs of the present.

The songs from the show’s repertoire will be performed by Bianca Ionescu-Ballo and Daniela Bucșan accompanied by Diana Jipa (violin), Ștefan Doniga (piano), Alexander Benavides (percussion) and the orchestra and choir of the “Ion Dacian” National Operetta and Musical Theatre.