London – A New Story

Kiss Me, Kate!
February 3, 2020
Offenbach’s Stories
February 3, 2020
Kiss Me, Kate!
February 3, 2020
Offenbach’s Stories
February 3, 2020

Following an idea by Bianca Ionescu-Ballo, London – A New Story’s Show, treats with humour and sometimes self-irony topical topics (subjects). In the context of the recent Brexit, captured by the mirage of the scene, the characters invite us into their Universe, using motivational  and fashionable phrases.

Three neighbours, residents with different aspirations, of a London building, are put through the postman, in a situation which they have to face it, each in its own way. Under the pretext of an invitation to casting, the lives of each of them are changing, disrupting their monotonous existence. The ambition and the nostalgia, the need to show that they are still competitive, brings everyone in a position to revoke and perform beautiful songs, with great success. In the end, the postman himself, is co-opted in this vortex, and some idylls are likely to be sprouting !

“They will again be under the spotlight ! Follow your dream ! the four seam to say ! “


Cast: Bianca Ionescu-Ballo, Anton Zidaru, Gabriela Daha, Valentino Tiron
Text: Bianca Ionescu-Ballo

Pianist: Alexandru Burcă
Directed by: Anda Cruceanu
Choreography: Andreea Toma
Scenography: Oana Letiţia Grigore


Famous songs from musicals are brought back on stage under the pretext of a casting which everyone participates.

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning (Oklahoma) – Valentino Tiron
I Feel Pretty (West Side Story) – Gabriela Daha
On the street where you live (My Fair Lady) – Anton Zidaru
If I Were a Rich Man (Fiddler on the roof) – Valentino Tiron
Memory – Bianca Ionescu-Ballo
Somewhere (West Side Story) – Gabriela Daha

I’m an Ordinary Man – Anton Zidaru
Before the Parade Passes (Hello, Dolly!) – All soloists
I Could Have Danced All Night – Bianca Ionescu-Ballo & Anton Zidaru
Two Ladies (Cabaret) – All soloists
Honey bun – Gabriela Daha & Valentino Tiron
Tonight – Bianca Ionescu-Ballo & Anton Zidaru
Over the Rainbow – Gabriela Daha
I’m an American Woman – Bianca Ionescu-Ballo
Put on your Sunday clothes (Hello, Dolly!) – All soloists

Press articles

Looking at the past experiences of music history, we discover a certain reason in the work of artists in order to win over the audience. Not coincidentally, Haydn’s “Londoners” was created to draw the attention of music lovers in the British capital.
Probably those who have assumed the leadership of the new destinies of the “Ion Dacian” National Operetta and Musical Theater – Bianca Ionescu-Ballo in the first place – have similar projects. Proof of this is the concert held yesterday at the Elisabeta Theater and entitled “LONDON a new story”.

Grigore Constantinescu