Extraordinary Romanian Operetta Gala

Florin Mircea Ganea
August 30, 2020
Traditional Christmas Concert
September 16, 2020
Florin Mircea Ganea
August 30, 2020
Traditional Christmas Concert
September 16, 2020

Extraordinary Romanian Operetta Gala

At the National Theatre of Operetta and Musical “Ion Dacian” we celebrate December 1st with authentic Romanian music and dance. We invite you to the “Extraordinary Gala of Romanian Operetta”, a show that brings together well-known soloists of the Romanian Operetta scene with orchestral, chorus and ballet ensembles, all under the musical direction of conductor Lucian Vladescu. Tradition, culture and folklore are intertwined in the Operettas of Romanian composers and are passed on to the audience, with talent and dedication, by the Bucharest Operetta team.

The most representative musical moments from the following Romanian Operettas:

– “Let me sing” and “Lysistrata” by Gherase Dendrino
– “The raft from Bistrita“, “Ana Lugojana” and “Girls’ Fair” by Filaret Barbu
– “The London Sun“, “Star Gatherers“, “Leonard” and “Răspântia” by Florin Comișel
– “Eternal loves” and “The Waves of the Danube” by George Grigoriu
– “The Fountain of Blanduzia” by Cornel Trăilescu
– “Anton Pann” by Alfred Mendelsohn
– “My aunt, Faustina” by Liviu Cavassi and Doru Butoescu

At this event, the female soloists will perform:
Doina Scripcaru, Silvia Șohterus – Mărăscu, Tina Munteanu, Ligia Dună, Gabriela Daha, Mediana Vlad, Daniela Bucșan, Gladiola Lamatic Niţulescu , Mioara Manea – Arvunescu, Raluca Ciocă.

And male soloists:
Alfredo Pascu, Mihai Urzicană, Andrei Pleșca, Daniel Madia, Florin Budnaru, Stefan Popov, Marius Mitrofan, Cătălin Petrescu,  Orest Pâslariu – Ranghilof, Florin Ganea, Valentino Tiron, Victor Bucur.

Artistic team:

Show concept: Bianca Ionescu- Ballo
Musical conductor: Lucian Vlădescu
Directorial concept: Cătălin Voineag
Chorus conductor: Aurel Muraru
Scenographic concept: Elisabeta Făcăianu
Choreography: Cătălin Cocheș, Andreea Toma, Marius Grosu
Choreography assistant: Sorina Micșunescu

Dance Whistle:

Raisa Radamovski, Camelia Ghiță, Sabina Ioniță, Andreea Bârzescu Andrei Ciobanu, Ștefan Baloi, Lorendi Rădulescu, Ștefănescu Octavian

The National Theatre of Operetta and Musical “Ion Dacian” aims in this show to capitalize on Romanian music cults of folk inspiration to satisfy the public’s need for beauty, returning to the authentic and stopping the phenomenon of kitsch and non-value. In the context in which it has always, but especially in recent decades, put more and more price on the national specificity and on a strong individuality in art, I consider that the Operetta – between the other musical genres – contributed to a great extent to the creation of the Romanian national element.

From this point of view, the middle of the twentieth century is practically the beginning of a new era for Romanian Operetta music, marking the period when the most valuable works were created, in which folklore played a major role. The way Operetta composers used it did the difference in value of the creations and established their hierarchy.

In the training and educational process of young people (of tomorrow’s adult audience) it is required, more than at any time, preserving and returning to the true values of this nation because today it is necessary to insist on authenticity, value, knowledge, restoration. It is like painting in old churches about to deteriorate. The painting needs to be restored and preserved

Bianca Ionescu – Ballo
(General Manager of the National Theatre of Operetta and Musical “Ion Dacian”).